Dear all my beloved students,


Alfajar Tegar, Aileen Rania, Alifah Ainun, Axella Ayu, Andrew Widjoyo, Andrew Sirapandji, Adzka Aulia, Andini, Anggi, Aqila Rizky, Benito Kurniawan, Bill Dzaky, Chelinka, Darren Emanuel, Divya Haddassah, Elizabeth Athalia, Felicia Gabriela, Frederick Juan, Fikri Imam, Goldie Chester, Hisyam P Meiza, Inggrid Sulistiawati,Jason Archie, Jaren Manuel, Kent Samuel, Luh Putu Keyzahra, Marvelle Jevon Sia, Michael Cenreng, Princess Rhea, Rachel Sabrina, Rajwa Maulidya, Rayna Melodisa, Revaline, Rifya, Steven Wijaya, Valencia Angelica, Vezilatunnisa, Wilson Matthew, and Zaskia Handayani.

Thank you so much for your smiles, voices, laugh, hugs, kisses, and spirit that you had given to me..

Thank you so much for this such unforgettable and wonderful year..

See you again, Friends.. I love you all..  (^_^)

Much Love..


Uncle Lukman  :)



K1 students dance performance :

- Boys : Go..Go..Go, Ale..Ale..Ale.. ( song by Ricky Martin )

- Girls : Heavy Rotation ( song by JKT 48 )


Will be perform on Sunday, June 17th 2012.

at Mall Panakkukang Ballroom.




K1….. Yesssss………!!!




Outdoor Activity is cancel

We are sorry for cancel our outdoor activity (swimming) due to the weather condition. For further information,will be confirm later. Thank you..


Introducing letter “Ww” and its sound. Tracing & write letter “Ww”.

Coloring the pictures (wolf, web, wig, window).

Reviewing uppercase and lowercase “Aa-Ww”.


Science Lesson

Identifying water animals.

Identifying land animals.


Maths Lesson

Introducing number 17.

differentiating greater ang smaller number.

differentiating big and small pictures.

Phonics Lesson

- Recognizing letter “Vv” and the sound.
- reviewing letter “Aa” – “Vv”.

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